Postpartum body changes: a premier event

4 (of the many) main events

Hey there, new (or expectant) parents! Congratulations on your journey into the wild world of parenting. Now that you’ve crossed the finish line of labor and delivery, it’s time to navigate the sometimes bumpy but very interesting and funny road of postpartum body changes. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a ride you’ll never forget (or you might due to lack of sleep).

Postpartum body changes with doula help

Postpartum Bleeding: The Red Carpet Treatment

Let’s dive right into it: postpartum bleeding. Remember the intensity of labor and giving birth? Well, consider postpartum bleeding as the grand finale. Embrace the super-sized pads and adult diapers like a badge of honor. Just be sure to read those discharge instructions about normal amounts. If you’re wondering if the amount is too much, don’t hesitate to call the nurse line or your provider.

Battle of the Postpartum Body Aches: A Symphony of Soreness

Welcome to the postpartum edition of “why am I so sore??”. Your body just accomplished the equivalent of a marathon and an Olympic weightlifting event combined. So, if every part of you aches like you’re in a never-ending game of Twister, it’s completely normal (for a little bit, don’t worry it won’t last too long!). Consider these aches as a testament to your superpowers. Go ahead, rock that wobbly walk with pride. And don’t be afraid to take pain reliever as your provider directed.

Sweating: Glow, Baby, Glow

Postpartum sweating (night sweats and armpit leaking while nursing to name a few fun examples) is like a full-body detox in progress (not really but still totally normal). You might wonder if you’ve joined a secret hot yoga club without realizing it. Just remember, every drop of sweat is evidence of your body’s amazingness. So, channel your inner workout warrior and embrace the temporary sauna experience. And have someone else change those sheets! *If you’re still pregnant and don’t have an extra set, consider this your sign to go shopping! Click to find out how much it would cost to have a doula do this (at least this doula!).

Breast Fullness: The Great Milk Caper

Ah, the joys of breast fullness! Your newfound superpower: boobs that could put watermelons to shame. Be prepared to marvel at the extraordinary transformation from sleepy hollow to Dairy Queen. Sure, it might feel like your chest is auditioning for a movie but think of the possibilities! You’re now a milk-producing factory, and that’s udderly amazing. Don’t worry you won’t feel this full the WHOLE time you’re nursing, it should go down in a few weeks.

If you’re working towards weaning or not able to express milk regularly, watch out for clogged ducts and do your manual lymphatic drainage! And never hesitate to consult a lactation professional, seriously all those who lactate should do this even (and especially!) if you’re weaning.

Postpartum body changes pro tip: Hang in there!

Postpartum body changes might seem like a chaotic carnival, but they’re a testament to the incredible feat your body has accomplished. It’s a hilarious journey of red carpets, muscle symphonies, personal saunas, and milk miracles. So, wear those oversized pads with a wink, flaunt your wobbly walk, become friends with the sweat, and embrace the full cup you have right now.

Remember, you’re a rockstar who just survived an amazing physical feat. Your body changes are just the battle scars of a triumphant warrior. And as you navigate this crazy ride, remember to laugh, love yourself, and give yourself permission to NOT enjoy every moment of this adventure called parenting. You’ve got this!

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