Birth Story Processing

Birth is powerful, raw, awe-inspiring, amazing, and intense. After you give birth you are raw and open.

Maybe you find yourself going over and over the details of the birth, asking yourself questions like “Why did I do that?” or “Why did the doctor say that?” Maybe you just keep seeing the same scene over and over, or hearing or smelling something on a repeated loop.

Telling your birth story is important and you will likely tell it many times. It matters to whom you tell it, everyone wants to know how it went. But not everyone knows how to listen.

Sometimes telling the story is hard. Sometimes the people listening say things that hurt deeply, usually without intending to.

Many birthing people have benefited from telling their birth story. Sometimes it is enough to simply write it down. I absolutely recommend you do this. It helps to solidify the memories for the future and re-reading it over time can give you insight and healing.

But sometimes things happened in the birth that didn’t go the way you expected or they went too fast or someone said something that you can’t get out of your head.

It IS possible to process this monumental event. I have taken extensive training in birth processing as well as having had 2 very intense and at times traumatic child birth experiences of my own.

How it works

It starts with us getting to know one another. Then once you feel safe with me, you tell me the story. I listen to the whole story straight through. I will ask questions for clarification to make sure I am understanding it. But mostly I will just listen. Then together we will work through each moment, processing it, labeling it, feeling it.

It might hurt and focusing on the feelings is at times unpleasant. It takes time to process what happened and you deserve to take the time needed to incorporate this chapter into your life story.

Your sessions will include a screening for birth trauma as well as support for processing any trauma that you experienced.

You can and will heal. You can and will own your birth.