Fees & Prices

$60 each or choose all three for $130

  • What to eat and when Extensive postpartum nutrition education
  • All things baby My best soothing tips and tricks, sleep and feeding tips, what to buy and what to skip
  • Postpartum planning session Together we will create your customized postpartum plan for healing, peace and recovery. Learn what is normal with your healing journey and what to do when it’s not


  • 4 hour shifts
  • $30/hr singleton
  • $35/hr multiples
  • 10% prepay discount if booking more than 1 shift
  • A purchase of 5 shifts or more includes all three prenatal planning programs at no additional cost
  • 8 hr minimum
  • Singleton, $35-40/hr
  • Multiples, $40-45/hr
  • 10% prepay discount if buying more than 2 shifts

Single shift (4 hours), $120:

    • Pick your favorite:
        • a nap, a shower, and a meal prepared for you
        • Fussy Baby relief with my best tips for soothing
        • fresh sheets and baby laundry catch up
    • Early morning, day, or evenings available
    • Makes a great baby shower gift!
    • Can be applied as credit toward any multi-shift purchase made within 7 days (minimum 4 shift purchase required)

Still not sure? Want a free postpartum planning guide to get started on your own? All that is required is a short 2 question survey.

"Becky is amazing! She supported our family after the birth of our second child and was masterful at helping our older son adjust to life with a new baby. She gave us so many great tips! This is probably the biggest reason why our oldest loves his little brother so much. If you've experienced or are at-risk for PPD, please consider hiring Becky. Her practical care and constant support will make a huge difference and help you focus on bonding, not just surviving. Can't say enough good things about Becky!"
S of support looks like parent holding baby
Mom of 2 week old boy and big brother (age 3)
"Becky is a postpartum treasure! Even after thinking I would know what to expect with the birth of my 3rd child, my husband and I quickly found ourselves overwhelmed with the day-to-day as new parents of three. My older children wanted more attention, and my newborn needed to bond with her mom. Trying to split time myself only left me feeling like I was failing everyone. Becky brought some balance back into our home. She was able to simultaneously give my older kids some fun-filled, new adventures while also nurturing my baby and me. I was able to relax and finally focus on healing since I knew everyone was in her loving, capable hands. I would highly recommend consulting with Becky whether this is your first baby or your fifth! She can make the family adjustment period so much easier and much more enjoyable, which is truly priceless."
S of support looks like parent holding baby
Mom of 8 week old baby girl and boys (age 2 and 5)
"Becky is very knowledgeable. She is support in many ways... from knowledge sharing about all things baby related to post partum info to helping with household duties and even caring for the baby so you're able to take time for yourself. She is thoughtful, efficient and passionate about what she does. I am still appreciating things I learned from her 4 months after she helped us!"
S of support looks like parent holding baby
Mom of 5 month old baby girl
"I had a very traumatic delivery. I spent many a weeks in the hospital and many more at home recovering. Becky was a godsend to my family and I. She made me feel not worthless, during a time that I felt completely worthless and incompetent. She helped me find peace in my journey, which ultimately allowed me to heal. She helped me be a mom, during a time that I was so extremely limited in what I could and could not do. She helped keep my house organized, gave me time to rest (actually encouraged it), fed my daughter so I could eat myself. She did so much..that I’m forever grateful for."
S of support looks like parent holding baby
Mom of 5 month old baby girl