C-section Awareness Month April is the month designated to everything cesarean (c-section). Imagery and healing tips and kumbaya for all c-section warriors floods social media. As a c-section warrior myself, I am glad that so much attention is given to this very important method of birth. I hope it provides some measure of comfort and education to all other c-section warriors. Recovering from my c-section, I felt so disconnected to my body. It was one of the most distressing and unexpected parts. C-section recovery: full of surprises I didn’t read much or learn much about c-sections during my first pregnancy.
That’s what insurance is for, right? You are at a place in your life where seeking help is possible. Your next step is finding a therapist. So you start with the network of providers for your insurance. Surely, you will be using your insurance to pay for therapy, right? Financial concerns are a legitimate reason to want to find a provider that takes your insurance. But is insurance the best and only way to pay for therapy? Read on for some things to consider. Reasons NOT to use insurance Privacy and confidentiality Your therapist must provide certain pieces of information
Parenting and the illusion of control There is an illusion that exists in life. A good example is driving on icy or snowy roads. You assume that you’re in control of the vehicle, but the reality is, you have far less control over the vehicle than you think. Truthfully, the only way to stay safe in these weather conditions is to not drive. For most people, when they become parents is the first time they’ve had to face this illusion. Who else realized they had anxiety when they became pregnant or had a baby? 🙋‍♀️ Up until the big parenting
Learning about Nicey A couple of years ago I took an advanced training in postpartum care traditions with Julia Jones (Newborn Mothers) . I learned many things in that advanced course that impacts my work with new families in a positive way (click to see postpartum packages). But a certain assignment had the biggest personal impact.  Julia encouraged us to explore the postpartum traditions of our own family. I didn’t think that I would learn much from this exercise but being a dutiful student, I contacted my parents. A few days later, I received an email that brought tears to
Baby sleep: carriers Baby sleep challenge: they sleep great in our arms but our arms get tired. Solution: Find a baby carrier that is comfortable and use it for daytime naps. This is key. And can make a world of difference. This is especially helpful with short nappers and sensitive sleepers. You aren’t going to wear your baby constantly and sometimes you’ll have them nap on you when you are relaxed and not up and about and therefore you will just hold them. But for babies that are hard to soothe or easily startled or super 4th trimester babes: baby