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Omaha doula and therapist. This is personal. This is my blog on my website and it is all about me, at least this section is. I am an Omaha area mom, and proud to live here. These are my personal stories, my reasons, my why. It will include everything from the births of both of my children, the good and the bad with those births to the reason I am passionate about perinatal mental health.

Also, I will share my journey as a breast cancer patient, the many surgeries I had (both necessary and not) and how that affects my life, work, and parenting.

This is me, at least the parts of me I willing to share with the world.

Nicey: my grandma’s postpartum doula

Learning about Nicey A couple of years ago I took an advanced training in postpartum care traditions with Julia Jones (Newborn Mothers) . I learned many things in that advanced course that impacts my work with new families in a positive way (click to see postpartum packages). But a certain assignment had the biggest personal impact.  Julia encouraged us to explore the postpartum traditions of our own family. I didn’t think that I would learn much from this exercise but being a dutiful student, I contacted my parents. A few days later, I received an email that brought tears to …

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The birth of a mother: my first baby is born

The birth of a mother I was a classic first time mother giving birth. Namely, I was worried about giving birth and making no plans to prepare for postpartum. We took the hospital-based birth class. In which, I learned that I needed IV fluids before I could get an epidural and that’s about it. Going into labor, I had a significant amount of fear and undiagnosed anxiety. The birth of a mother is intense Julia Jones says, “When a baby is born, so is a mother, and the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth.” I’ve written …

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My VBAC Story: there were some road bumps

My VBAC story ***Warning: successful VBAC story of the healthy and safe delivery of my baby girl. However, I did experience a negative complication. My pregnancy was wonderful. I was healthy and active. I had no complications or discomfort except for first trimester nausea.  My labor began spontaneously at 11 PM. My early labor at home was quite intense and quick. I labored at home until I was too uncomfortable. VBAC friendly hospital I was admitted to the hospital at 8 cm at almost 5 AM. My hospital experience was mostly positive. I had a supportive nurse and doula. I …

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Stock photos: Protecting my clients and children

You won’t see pics of my kids here Why do I primarily use stock photos? Essentially, it is rooted in my desire for privacy. But there is more to it. I also don’t post a lot of photos of my client’s babies or siblings. I will only post stock photos unless specific and special arrangements have been made. And that has only happened with one family. Here is a picture of me from 2018 with one client’s baby. I am very fond of this little precious child and her family. This was a special circumstance. I had their permission, it …

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Who runs this site?

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Omaha Doula and Therapist Becky is my google name. I don’t really know what I am doing but I am here anyway. Who am I? First and foremost, I am a care taker. This has taken MANY different forms over the years (and there have been 41 of them so far!). Professionally, I am a provisionally licensed mental health therapist and Certified Postpartum Doula. I live a life full of blessings. Surrounded by local and supportive family and friends, an amazing school district, and vibrant faith community. My life is full. Here are some …

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