Stock photos: Protecting my clients and children

You won't see pics of my kids here

Why do I primarily use stock photos? Essentially, it is rooted in my desire for privacy. But there is more to it.

I also don’t post a lot of photos of my client’s babies or siblings.

I will only post stock photos unless specific and special arrangements have been made. And that has only happened with one family.

Not a stock photoHere is a picture of me from 2018 with one client’s baby. I am very fond of this little precious child and her family. This was a special circumstance.

I had their permission, it was agreed upon well in advance and they know they can take back that permission at any time.

Stock photos help me maintain integrity

In general, I am a private person. However, I own a business that was born from my own personal experiences and suffering, which makes maintaining my privacy challenging.

I want families I serve to know that I get it. I’ve been there and then some. I also understand that families want to know me before they hire me, but my children’s privacy will always come first.

I do have a couple of pictures of my kids as infants on social media or a blog. And just so you know, I always ask them for permission before doing it. They are old enough to sort of understand but ultimately the protection of their privacy falls to me. (link: Motherly- why you shouldn’t post pics)

But my default is stock photos and will always be. I highly value integrity in my work with new families.

I work very hard to help my clients feel safe. Asking to take pictures of them or their babies to use in social media, is a no-go for me.

I do share quite a bit about my personal story as a mother, from birth stories (my son’s birth) to personal struggles with mom guilt. However, I will continue to protect the privacy of my clients and my children. Therefore, enjoy all the stock photos.