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Birth, babies, and parenting; these experiences can be full of joy and also full of struggle (I know I have struggled). Join me for an honest portrayal of pregnancy and birth, postpartum, and parenting babies mixed with humor, reality, tips and tricks. The content is a mix of my own personal journey from new mother to the mother I am today. I also won’t shy away from sharing plenty of my professional tips and tricks that I have gained over the years through my work as both a postpartum doula as well as a perinatal therapist.

Additionally, birth trauma will be a large focus. As well as planning for postpartum, and I don’t mean depression. You will learn that your path as a parent is unique and you are uniquely qualified to be the parent to your children. No one answer is perfect and even though parenting is natural that doesn’t mean it is easy. As always, grief is part of the process and is always a part of any parenting journey. There are plenty of blogs out there for you to choose from. Choose mine if you want the raw honesty that comes from leaning into this parenting ride. There may be profanity at times and very rarely a picture of my children.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. We need to do this more. Well this is my truth. Take it or leave it. Share your opinions and your own stories. I love hearing from new and growing families.

New baby stress: do experts really help? (Part 1)

New baby stress: do experts really help? New baby stress is real and experts are available, but will it help? Are you wondering what your baby is trying to tell you? Do you find yourself feeling desperate for answers while the baby cries? How often do you find yourself asking your partner over and over? Is he hungry? Should we change his diaper? Do you think he’s just tired? Am I a terrible mother? New baby, new parent Many new parents have doubts about their ability to care for their new baby. Even mothers with experience with newborns will find …

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Mothers are dying

Anyone that has been paying any attention to the news lately can’t miss the scary fact that new mothers in our country are dying in the first year of motherhood at an alarming rate.  What is happening? This is a question that has been on the minds of lawmakers, medical professionals, and the families who are losing them. A quick Google search yields a startling reality: that in this land of excess and opportunity we are doing a piss-poor job of caring for our new mothers, especially WOC mothers. This startling reality has only gotten worse due to COVID-19. The …

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