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Birth, babies, and parenting; these experiences can be full of joy and also full of struggle (I know I have struggled). Join me for an honest portrayal of pregnancy and birth, postpartum, and parenting babies mixed with humor, reality, tips and tricks. The content is a mix of my own personal journey from new mother to the mother I am today. I also won’t shy away from sharing plenty of my professional tips and tricks that I have gained over the years through my work as both a postpartum doula as well as a perinatal therapist.

Additionally, birth trauma will be a large focus. As well as planning for postpartum, and I don’t mean depression. You will learn that your path as a parent is unique and you are uniquely qualified to be the parent to your children. No one answer is perfect and even though parenting is natural that doesn’t mean it is easy. As always, grief is part of the process and is always a part of any parenting journey. There are plenty of blogs out there for you to choose from. Choose mine if you want the raw honesty that comes from leaning into this parenting ride. There may be profanity at times and very rarely a picture of my children.

Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. We need to do this more. Well this is my truth. Take it or leave it. Share your opinions and your own stories. I love hearing from new and growing families.

Baby sleep 4 tips and tricks: baby edition

Baby sleep: carriers Baby sleep challenge: they sleep great in our arms but our arms get tired. Solution: Find a baby carrier that is comfortable and use it for daytime naps. This is key. And can make a world of difference. This is especially helpful with short nappers and sensitive sleepers. You aren’t going to wear your baby constantly and sometimes you’ll have them nap on you when you are relaxed and not up and about and therefore you will just hold them. But for babies that are hard to soothe or easily startled or super 4th trimester babes: baby …

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Insomnia: 5 tips for new parents

Insomnia gets the best of us Insomnia happens to the best of us. The world is crazy right now. Anxieties are high. It can make sleep nearly impossible. I have had insomnia off and on since I became a mother. It was one of the most radical changes I noticed. Sometimes it annoys me that I can’t just fall asleep and stay asleep like my husband (and it annoys him too….). Not sleeping: too much to think about There you are settling down for sleep. 🛌 You’re tired but suddenly all of life starts creeping into your mind. It’s amazing …

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Mom guilt: don’t tell moms to ditch it

Mom guilt happens If you’re here for all the tips for how to ditch your mom guilt, you’re going to be disappointed. I am going to be singing the praises of it here. Try this if you want to read about ditching the guilt. The biggest challenge I am going to give you related to mom guilt is this: try to figure out what it is telling you about yourself or your values. Then see if you can honor those same values in another way, minus the guilt. It is unlikely that you will get through life as a parent …

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Baby sleep tips and tricks: parent edition

Baby sleep: every parent’s challenge Maybe you’re an exhausted new parent and feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you’re an expectant parent and this is your #1 concern. Read on for some baby sleep tips you could put into action right now. Sleep deprivation goes hand in hand with having a new baby in the house. This is just part of life with a newborn. New babies actually sleep a LOT. But they don’t sleep in solid chunks, at least in the beginning. And let’s face it, they can be quite NOISY even when they ARE sleeping. Make a plan now to arrange …

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New baby stress: do experts really help? (Part 2)

A first time mom’s experience A mother recently described to me the epitome of new baby stress.  She described to me trying to breastfeed her newborn in the hospital. The experience made her feel awful. A pattern emerged: the baby would cry, and then suddenly she’d have so many people trying to help her, grabbing her breast and forcing the baby’s head onto her nipple. They’d leave and baby would nurse for a bit. After a bit, the baby would lose her latch. Resulting in the helpers showing up to help all over again. It was a vicious cycle. When …

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